Forms and Tryouts

High School Tryout Schedule

High School Tryout Schedule

Fifth-Grade / Middle School Tryout Schedule

5th Grade and Middle School Tryout Schedule


Mount Paran Christian School middle school and high school students are eligible to participate in all sports. Fifth grade students are allowed to participate in no-cut sports (cross country, football, swimming, wrestling, and track and field).
Fall Sports (Aug. – mid Oct.)
MS Cheerleading (girls) * + ~
Varsity Cheerleading (girls) * + ~ 
JV Cheerleading (girls) + 
MS Cross Country (boys/girls) 
Varsity Cross Country (boys/girls) 
MS Fishing
Varsity Fishing
MS Football 5th/6th (boys)
MS Football 7th/8th (boys)
Varsity Football (boys)
MS Fast-Pitch Softball (girls) 
Varsity Fast-Pitch Softball (girls) ~
MS Volleyball A (girls)
MS Volleyball B (girls)
Varsity and JV Volleyball (girls) ~

Winter Sports (mid-Oct.- mid Feb.) 

MS Basketball 6th (boys)
MS Basketball 7th (boys)
MS Basketball 8th (boys)
MS Basketball A (girls)
MS Basketball B (girls)
JV Basketball (boys/girls)
Varsity Basketball (boys/girls)
MS Cheerleading (girls) + ~ 
Varsity Cheerleading (girls) + ~ 
MS Swimming (boys/girls) 
Varsity Swimming (boys/girls) 
MS Tennis (boys/girls)
MS Wrestling (boys)
Varsity Wrestling (boys)

Spring Sports (Feb.- April/May)

MS Baseball A (boys)
MS Baseball B (boys)
Varsity and JV Baseball (boys) 
MS Golf (boys/girls)
Varsity Golf (boys/girls)
MS Lacrosse (boys)
Varsity Lacrosse (boys)
MS Soccer (boys/girls)
Varsity and JV Soccer (boys/girls) 
Varsity Tennis (boys/girls)
MS Track and Field (boys/girls) 
Varsity Track and Field (boys/girls)

* Competition format

+ Sideline format

~ Tryouts held in spring
Because of the number of students interested in MPC athletics, most of our teams have a formal tryout at the beginning of the season (typically a 2-3 day event). Cross country (fall), football (fall), swimming (winter), wrestling (winter), and track and field (spring) are no-cut sports, which means that any student meeting eligibility requirements may participate in these sports. However, these teams require the same level of commitment to practices and competitions.
For both middle and high school athletes, a 2.0 grade point average is required. In addition, high school students who transfer to MPC any time after the first day of their freshman year must meet GHSA eligibility requirements. Please contact the athletic office for more information.
  • GHSA Physical Form: Before participating in a sport at MPC, every student athlete is required to have a Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Physical Form on file in the athletic office. Some physicians prefer to provide their own physical form, but these are not recognized by GHSA, nor are they as comprehensive in evaluating fitness for athletic competition. The form is valid for one calendar year (if dated after April 1, 2020, it is valid through the entire 2019-20 school year).
  • Athletic Participation Consent Form (Parent) This form is to be completed once each school year for each student athlete.
  • Athletic Participation Consent Form (Student 18+) 
  • Athletic fee: $100 one-time fee per school year for each student athlete.
  • Player-Pack fee. Competition uniforms are owned by the athletic department, and must be returned at the end of the season. Player pack items are consumables, such as practice gear, hoodies, equipment bags, etc., which are used during the season, and then retained by the athlete for his or her personal use.
MPC provides bus transportation for student-athletes to away competitions. Athletes must travel under the school’s supervision and must return with the team to the school campus. The only circumstance in which the requirement to return with the team to the school campus will be waived is when the student is released into the supervision of a custodial parent, legal guardian, or adult authorized by advance written notification from a custodial parent or legal guardian. Such written notification authorizing release to a noncustodial adult must include:
  • the noncustodial adult’s name
  • the activity date
  • the parent or guardian’s signature
  • the parent or guardian’s legible name.
High school student athletes are not allowed to drive to/from athletic competitions.
Although it is not common, some student athletes are able to participate as dual-sport athletes in the same season, participating in both a team sport and individual sport, such as track or cross country. Students who wish to compete on more than one team during a season must obtain permission from the coaches of those sports, and follow the guidelines set forth in the Athletic Manual, Section 2.7, which is available on the school website (choose Athletics on the website home page, then “Athletic Policies” on the left side-bar of the Athletics home page). The team sport always takes priority over the individual sport if competitions are scheduled at the same time.
Obtain a GHSA physical for your rising sixth through twelfth-grade student and turn it in to the athletic office. (NOTE: Rising fifth-graders who plan to participate in a no-cut sport must also obtain a GHSA physical.) This will ensure that your student is eligible to try out for any sport during the next school year. Also, encourage your student to stay active and fit, participating in activities he/she already enjoys, such as playing on a recreation team, taking lessons, and going to sports camps. MPC offers summer workouts for middle and high school athletes. Please inquire with your coach for schedules.

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